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Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Rachel of Blissfully Scrumptious has bestowed me with a Liebster Blog Award which is given to talented and loved bloggers who have less than 200 followers. I understand it started in Germany to give small bloggers recognition for their efforts.

Rachel certainly deserves recognition for her lovely cakes and bakes, as well as healthy eating recipes. Do also look at her website  www.blissfullyvintage.com  and blog http://blissfullyvintage.wordpress.com for gorgeous vintage china.

The rules:

  • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  • Link  back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

I suspect some of my chosen blogs have more than 200 followers but all deserve to be noticed:

Roswensian – beautiful baking and more

Limited Literature – very talented poet, influenced by all sorts, often found baking with a 2 year old

Pepper & Sherry – fantastic collection of recipes and anecdotes. I love Juls’ writing and honesty

Appledrane – a gorgeous food and photography blog

Footprints in the butter – scrumptious recipes




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